Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate – S. Cal Teamster Newspaper Column (dated Aug. 17, 2017)

Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate – S. Cal Teamster Newspaper Column (dated August. 17, 2017)

Congratulations to the following members on their retirement:  Victor Robles, US Foods, 31 years; William Hedstrom, US Foods, 26 years; Oscar Velazquez, Vons 15 years.  And congratulations to Business Agent/Coordinator Tom Tullius and his wife Suzie, on his retirement!  We will miss him.

Condolences to: the family of Lloyd Coates on his passing, a Sysco retiree with 20+ years; the family of Vons retiree Burt Beech; William Williamson, Ralphs retiree; David Gregory, Vons retiree.

Erik Lagafuaina – we recently ratified a five year agreement with Heavy Transport. Thank you to the committee, shop stewards Andy Prince, Dan Delgado, and Steve Saunders. Brothers and sisters I strongly advise you to know your contract and communicate with your steward or myself anytime you are reprimanded by management.  Don’t wait until you are waist deep in write-ups and on your last leg.

Gordon Ament – First Transit Pasadena – the grievance filed on behalf of all members regarding the company classifying passing up passengers as a class one infraction has been settled. The company has agreed that this is a class two infraction and has made all affected members whole. First Transit Cerritos – please be advised that we are on a day-to-day contract extension. The Local was assured we would be receiving the company’s last best & final offer at the last negotiation session. This did not happen. I’ve been advised this was due to the unexpected departure of a key person on their team and should have new date to resume negotiations soon. Keep an eye on Union board for updates. Please welcome Susan Carter as your new steward. She will be taking Rita Soto’s place until further notice. Keolis Pomona – as you are aware, the first bid Keolis conducted has lunch periods issues. The company is working with the Union to achieve short and long-term solutions. Any member who feels they did not receive a proper meal period should be notifying the employer at the end of their shift to receive a one-hour lunch penalty. Negotiations are moving along, keep eye on Union board for any updates. LA Regional Food Bank – please familiarize yourself with Article 16, grievance and arbitration. Issues brought up at JLM were grievances. MV Burbank Bus – please note all defects daily with the vehicles you drive. It’s not OK to drive unsafe vehicles. MV Glendale Bee Line – please respect others on shake up day. You should only be speaking if it’s your turn to bid. The bid is conducted jointly by the company and the steward. If any decisions need to be made during the bid the company and the steward will make such decision. MV Glendale (DAR) – Teamster t-shirt to the first person that contacts my office by the 30th. MV Thousand Oaks/Calabasas –there are open positions for shop stewards and alternates, please contact my office if interested. Transdev LACMTA – there’s openings for temporary shop steward and an alternate. If interested, please contact my office. Please contact me directly with any issues you may encounter. 


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