Unmasking Proposition 32

Remember Proposition 226 in 1998 and Proposition 75 in 2005. Both restricted Unions from making political contributions with voluntary payroll deductions. When it was discovered that corporations were exempt, both were soundly defeated by California voters. Along comes Proposition 32.


Backers claim that Proposition 32 now bans both Union and Corporations from contributions. Sounds fair until you dig a little deeper. Proposition 32 exempts secret Super PACs, which can raise unlimited amounts of Corporate interest money. There are also exemptions for non-corporate businesses such as LLCs, limited partnerships, real estate trusts, and any billionaire that needs a favor from anti-union sources.


Those backing Proposition 32 claim that it restricts payroll deductions from both Unions and corporations. When is the last time you saw a corporation use payroll deductions from employees as a means of political contributions? They just simply write a check out of profits or operation expenses in as large an amount as they want. Proposition 32’s ONLY intent is to cripple labor’s ability to raise funds to compete with the unlimited amounts of corporate bankrolls. Corporations already outspend labor by 15 to 1.


Proposition 32 is a LIE! Just look at the out-of-state money flowing in from billionaires such as the Koch brothers in an attempt to influence the passage of Proposition 32. Almost every major new paper in California has spoken out against the deceptive nature of Proposition 32 and it’s anti-labor stance.


If Proposition 32 passes, what will it mean for the future of labor in California? Simply stated, unlimited big corporate money will be used to attack bargaining unit rights, prevailing wages, worker’s compensation, overtime pay, rest and meal breaks, health and safety regulations, etc. It will result in Citizens United on steroids! It will no longer be about your vote or your voice, it will only be about how much money will it take to buy a position or an election.


We ALL need to stand up against Proposition 32. It is our responsibility to not only vote against this measure, but to talk to everyone you come across and explain what this legislation will do to labor and the middle class of America if passed. We can not sit on the sidelines and allow labor to be buried under the avalanche of corporate special interest money. Take a stand, NOW!   Vote No on Proposition 32

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