Teamsters Local 952’s Idea of Brotherhood

952_06-22-15Today, June 22, 2015, was a sad day for the Teamster Brotherhood within Teamsters Joint Council 42. Members of Teamsters 952 came down to Teamsters Local 848 in Glendora to protest a seniority issue between the Vons drivers and the Albertson drivers. I am not disappointed in the Albertson drivers it is not their fault. They are looking for answers and nobody at Local 952 is telling them the truth or showing leadership. Ironically, these members are protesting the non-merger of the seniority list between Local 848 and Local 952 between Vons and Albertson drivers yet Local 952 has not merged its own seniority list at Albertsons between the Brea location and Irvine location for their warehouse members.

When the 952 members arrived at Local 848 I called down to the Leadership of 952 to let them know their members were at Local 848 protesting. To my surprise I learned from them that they knew what their members were doing. The Leadership of 952 was aware on Friday June 19th that their members were planning to protest another Teamster Local. Not only did Local 952 not call the leadership of Local 848 but they did nothing to discourage their members from carrying out this action. What they did say to their members is, “If you are going to do it, do it peacefully”. Most Teamster leaders would be embarrassed if their members protested another Teamster Local but instead of stepping up and showing up at Local 848 they keep quiet and sat in their office back in Orange County.

I didn’t hide from the members of 952. These members are concerned about their livelihood. Which is understandable! I walked out to the line listened to their issues and explained my position on their issues. We did not agree with each other’s position but at least they had an opportunity to speak to the Leadership of Local 848 and hear from me directly.

I am sure this action in front of Local 848 was done in an attempt to embarrass me and the Local. Unfortunate for them, they don’t know me very well. If they did they would know I can’t be bullied, intimidated or coerced into changing my position.

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