Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate – Teamster Newspaper Column (dated Oct. 31, 2018)

Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate – S. Cal Teamster Newspaper Column (dated October. 31, 2018)

I hope this column finds you all healthy!


Congratulations to the following on their retirement:  Darren Riefer, 34 years, Metco Construction; Aaron Proctor, Sysco, 34 years; Richard Legarreta, ABF 35 years;

David Lopez, Youngs Market, 28 years; David Vosburg, Youngs Market, 19 years;  

Ricky Chavez, US Foods, 17 years;  John Rach, Reyes Coca Cola, 32 years; 

Javier Contreras, Reyes Coca Cola, 37 years; Robert Banuelos, MV Transportation. 5 years; Hector Carrera, US Foods, 19 years; Koun Chiv, TABC, 40 years; Victor Mejia, US Foods, 28 years; Armando Ponce, Toyota, 27 years; Michael Tilk, Farmer Bros, 9 years.

Our condolences to the families of the following: Monica Pearson, Keolis;  Leagafaia Faatoalia Jr., Pasha. 

Gordon Ament – First Transit Cerritos – the Local is currently discussing a one-year extension with the employer. There are open positions for a steward alternate. Please contact my office if interested. Keolis Pomona –Please inform your stewards of any issues on paddles with particular attention to lunch periods so they can be properly addressed by the bid review committee.  LA Regional Food Bank – congratulations on your new three-year contract which includes significant language and wage improvements. Special thanks to your stewards for their assistance throughout the negotiation process. The contract is at the printer and will be available soon. There are open positions for alternate stewards. Please contact my office if interested. MV Trans Glendale Bee Line – as you are aware Jesse has left the company and will truly be missed by all. Negotiations are temporarily on hold. MV Trans Glendale (DAR) – there are open positions for shop stewards and alternates. Please contact my office if interested. MV Trans Thousand Oaks/Calabasas – it is my pleasure to inform you that Sergio Murillo has accepted the steward position. He will bring grievances to the manager’s attention and discuss the difficulties that may arise in day-to-day operations. There are still open positions for stewards and alternates. Transdev LACMTA – the Local has filed a class action grievance for violations of the wage scale. Please check your payroll statements to insure you are being paid correctly per the current collective bargaining agreement and contact my office as soon as possible if you’re not. There is an open position for a steward alternate.  

Erik Lagafuaina – ready mix is slowing down a bit. A little early for this time of year but almost like clockwork.  There is a new plant currently being put together in Vernon for National Ready Mix. They need drivers. Applications are available online.  Negotiations with Airgas are around the corner for three new locations. Tom Tullius and I will be at the table.  Construction regarding our trade is slow. There are some large projects in planning stages. That’s good news for ready mix!!

Tom Tullius – Reyes Coca Cola: the new re-route bid in September for four locations is in place with a few hiccups being worked out. Torrance is having a rebid and L.A. needs to discuss a grievance filed over the re-route bid there. Congratulations to John Rach of Downey Transport on his retirement. A replacement steward has not been selected yet to fill Rach’s spot. The grievance against CCB concerning the L.A. sick leave ordinance has not been settled yet. I’m waiting for a response from our legal as to the Union’s position.  Aramark, Orange: the medical issue is still a problem and the company is not working to resolve their screw-up on the employee monthly co-pays. The dues backlog caused by the company is also being addressed but no resolution yet. I’ll be filing a grievance and make it official and will seek immediate arbitration.  Aramark, Carson: I just found out that several members are behind in their dues thanks to the company payroll department. Farmer Bros.: the new warehouse position that was voted on is in place at our two locations. I’ll be visiting to ascertain if this program is working properly and see what action, if any, needs to be taken by this Local.  Airgas USA: welcome to the 60-plus future members of Local 848. By overwhelming majority of votes they have been certified with this Local representing them. I’ve had two meetings with the company labor relations/attorney on discipline issues and we have discussed the negotiations briefly. The company has been in negotiations with Las Vegas over a year and it appears that their plan is to drag all negotiations out so as to discourage you. Threats and false charges against the Teamsters have been made all these three locations and now in Pomona. This company is desperate and is on the losing side of the organizing. Special thank you and good job to all that helped in the organizing, especially Pablo Camacho, IBT Organizer.  Savage, Torrance: negotiations have progressed to the point we are into the economics of a new contract. We have two confirmed dates and I hope we will have a complete package for you to vote on soon. Thank you for your support.  Smuckers: time to meet and discuss proposals. I’ll be in touch soon to get a date, time and location.  Edw. Apffel: I will be scheduling a visit shortly. Be good to see you all again.

Louie Diaz – Brothers and Sisters, I am running for a seat in the Carson City Council in the November 6 election. I would appreciate your support and your vote, for those who live in the city of Carson.  I feel it is very important to have a Union Voice in politics so that the issues of our working men and women are addressed.  I am requesting volunteers from the membership and their families to help phone bank and precinct walking.  I also have yard signs available and would appreciate those who can display them for me.  Please feel free to visit my website or contact me directly at (562) 595-1891 ext. 100.  I thank you in advance for your support. Fraternally, Louie Diaz, Vice President.


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