Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate – S. Cal Teamster Newspaper Column (dated Dec. 8, 2016)

Secretary-Treasurer Eric Tate – S. Cal Teamster Newspaper Column (dated Dec. 8, 2016)

Congrats in retirement to Mario Viduya, Keeney Truck Line, 28 years; Walt Johnson, Pasha, 28 years; Tom Woods, Coke, 35 years; Michael Summer, Vopak, 20 years; Ellis Dulberg, Pepsi, 30 years; Edward Avila, Coke, 40 years; Francisco Diaz De Leon, Ralphs, 20 years; Lee Castillo, MV Transportation, 3 years; & Robert Silva, Nature’s Best, 17 years.

Condolences to Russell McNeil on the loss of his son; Claudia Zavala, YRC, on the loss of her mom; Benjamin Espinosa, YRC, on the loss of his mom; to the family of Bob Sabol, Unified retiree (60 years of service).

Tom Tullius – Apffel Coffee – the pension department of NWA found some errors in the contract. These were corrected and I’m having your contract reprinted and it should be available soon. Congratulations to Mark Vaughn on his retirement. Aramark – congratulations to Dannie Short on his retirement. Exel – the contract has finally been approved and signed. It is with the printers. Copies will be sent out to all drivers asap. Thanks for your patience. Farmer Bros – welcome to the recent transferees to Local 848 locations. Smuckers – I’m still trying to get with management about the warehouse issue and the vacant position. SWS drivers – drivers ratting out drivers to management needs to stop now. We have a responsibility to not bring harm to a brother. When North Hollywood opens, there is an agreement that drivers going there will be included in the annual driver bid. New rules that clarify the driver bid are available and will be posted. SWS Sales – the grievance filed by a Local Union up north is still not resolved concerning the three divisions and the product movement and rates of pay. I recently heard from that Local and there is no conclusion as of yet. I’ll certainly pass it along. I appreciate your understanding and patience. US Foods, Corona – the contract is done except for the signature page. Once I receive that I will have copies printed and delivered to you. YMC drivers – I recently met with the company concerning their use of the Daily Board for offering work at any of the depots in this Local’s jurisdiction. I disagree with their application but I must proceed with caution. YMC Sales – contracts were mailed out but if you didn’t receive one, call this office.

Juan Medina/Ralph Black: Vons – the Fresno arbitration is still in the hands of the arbitrator, we will notify you when we receive his decision. Ralphs – with the closure of the Glendale facility, the company will have a global bid in January to realign the workforce. Get with the stewards for any info on the bid if you are planning a vacation. Sygma – we will have another negotiation session around December 13 with the company, and will vote the offer shortly afterward.

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