Leslie Marshall Show
Leslie Marshall Show

PODCAST: SoCal Toyota Workers Vote to Strike in Response to Company Hoarding Tax Break

Leslie is joined by Eric Tate, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 848.

The two discuss the Union’s vote to strike in response to Toyota opting not to share their $2.7 Billion dollar Trump tax break with the company’s employees.

Employees at the Torrance, CA parts facility noted that although Toyota received a a $2.7 billion dollar federal tax break as a result of tax cuts recently enacted by President Trump and Congress, the company was offering the workers raises of just 1%. That’s less than the workers got in 2015, before the Trump tax cuts. It’s also far less than the 3.2% average pay wage American workers will see this year.

Those interested in supporting the strike should visit www.ToyotaShareTheTaxBreaks.com.

 Toyota, Share your Tax Breaks – Sign our Petition

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