Monterey Park City Council Violates CA State Laws

Spirit Bus Drivers / Teamsters Local 848
Cities like Monterey Park are required by law to issue a “Request for Proposals” before they award contracts like the Monterey Park Spirit bus contract. California law protects the hardworking men and women who provide that service by requiring that all bidders declare whether or not they intend to keep the current workers for at least 90 days. 

Under Labor Code Section 1072, the City Council is required to give those companies who declare that they WILL keep the current workers a 10% “preference” in their bid for the work.
That’s California State Law. Nevertheless, the Monterey Park City Council – at the advice of its contracted City Attorney Karl Berger – voted to award the new Spirit Bus service contract to a company that blatantly violated both the spirit and the letter of this important law that protects working people.
Monterey Park residents, this is your city and you deserve a City Council – and a City Attorney! – that obeys and enforces the laws that are designed to protect us all. The Monterey Park City Council and Karl Berger work for YOU. 
Residents and taxpayers must demand honesty, accountability,and
transparency from the lawmakers elected by the people!
If you would like to learn more or join in our efforts to demand honesty, accountability, and transparency from our lawmakers, TAKE ACTION TODAY!
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TOGETHER, we can make YOUR CITY work for you! 

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