Teamsters Union Historian, Don Thornsburg Debuts Teamster History Book

Long time Teamster and Teamsters Joint Council 42 Historian Don Thornburg paid a visit to Local 848’s May general membership meeting to debut his new book on Teamster history.

Amongst his accomplishments Don planted the first Teamster flag on Mount Everest and has made it his life’s work to research the roots of the greatest Union on earth called the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and put it into print.




Was the origin of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union in 1902 or 1886? Read for yourself and you be the judge. You can order by contacting Joint Council 42.



















Per the members request, Don signed their copy of “Teamster History, A Look Back”










Don Thornburg on Mount Everest with a Teamster banner ~ December 2003.

Don was the first person in history to plant a union flag on Mount Everest.

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