Fred Jordan Mission, December 20, 2014

DSCN1130This years Fred Jordan Mission was a success for the Mission and proved once again what this Local is capable of. Local 848 has been an active participant since 1988, supplying food stuff to the residents living in the area. These families are some of the poorest and they were very appreciative of the packages of food items we were able to give them.



This couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the direction of Eric Tate and Maryanne Bancroft. The food items were picked up and delivered in trucks donated by USFoods, La Mirada and Sysco, Walnut. Along with a generous gift of food items they were able to procure. Other companies that helped out with donations were Natures Best, Coastal Pacific, Ralphs and Vons. Albertsons came through with a very generous price on the 1000 chickens that the Local purchased.

Special thanks to: Tom Tullius for coordinating the food pickup and Ralph Black for assisting Tom with the food pickup, John Carrillo for driving the US Foods Truck, Efren Hurtado for his leadership during the event, Gordon Ament for capturing the event in photos, and Derrick Britton Vice President of US Foods La Mirada volunteering at the event.

The biggest thank you goes to all the Local 848 volunteers that showed up at the crack of dawn and stayed to the end. Not only did we set up our area, arranged the food items and bagged them but we also cleaned up before leaving. The bags that Eric bought this year were especially helpful and presented a strong showing of support for the Mission by this Local. The lapel pins also were a first and they were beautiful. Thank you, Eric and Maryanne.

The Volunteers:

Eric Tate, Derrick Britton, James Harper, Suzie Tullius, Charlie Tullius, Tanner O’Brien, Larry Walker, Amanda Walker, Adrian Walker, Leonard Leal, Rene Lopez, Dan Marquez, Georgia Gaines, Rosemary Bivens, John Carrillo, Breyana Gaines, David M. Sanchez, Jerry Doubleday, Greg Bordeau, Carla Bordeau, Charles Lucky Lepins, Evelyn Serrano, Angelica Martinez, Darrell Benton, Yvette Bravo, Marilyn Tachdjian, Attison Crenshaw, Ron Morrow, Maryanne Bancroft, Curt Bancroft, Amy Cardoza, Richard Cardoza, Cynthia Heads, Joe Pimentel, Darlene Pimentel, Alexia Pimentel, Raylene Pimentel, Janice Pendleton, Aaron Pendleton, Hassani Brown, Ayaan Garnett, K’lyce Davis, Cathy E. Holt, Gail Aubert, Gil Baltazar, Greg Baltazar, Mikala Baltazar, Jennessa Baltazar, Jeremy Baltazar, Roger Baltazar, Alfred Baltazar, Cynthia Baltazar, Andrew Baltazar, Angel Baltazar, Alexandra Baltazar, Nicolas Baltazar, Dana K. Solorio, Pablo Camacho, Errol Magana, Erik Lagafuina, Caleb Lagafuina, Cody Lagafuina, Beto Gutierrez, Clyde Gutierrez, Jim Moreno, Kim Buenrostro, Lynne Moreno, Gordon Ament, Juan J. Vazquez, Sylvia Escobar, Marco Escobar, Bianca Escobar, LaJuana White, Magdalena Bernabe, Genoa Peak, Devin Walker, Ric Bronson, Joe Barone, Brittany Morales, Tyler Zison, Sheryl Solario, Jackie Kitagawa, Gorallo Rodriguez, Pablo Gutierrez, Louie Diaz, Maria Anguian, Valerie Ellison, Felicitas Lopez, Steve Ruiz, Seth Ruiz, Jaden Ruiz, Gloria Ruiz, Mylaysia Crenshaw, Ralph Black, Stefan Enriguez, Raul Tapia, Ezequiel Salas, Juan Augustine Salas, Efren Hurtado, Richard M. Gutierrez, Maria Hurtado Jones, Spencer Jones, Barry Moss, Crystal Caruso, Preston Richie, Monica Vasquez, Reyes Magana, Donnie Brumfield.

Thank you all and hope to see you next year at the Fred Jordan Mission!

Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015!  (See Photo Gallery)


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