DRIVE Campaign Headed for Local 848

Mini-Head_DRIVERepresentatives from the IBT DRIVE campaign will be visiting shops with DRIVE language in their contracts the last week in March and first week in April. DRIVE stands for Democrat, Republican, Independent, Voter Education program and is used to support campaigns of political figures that are sympathetic to the needs of working Americans for a better life for their families. It is also used to fight anti-Union laws that strip working families of job protections, wage guarantees, pension benefits, and more. We all remember Prop 32, one of the most destructive proposals to workers in California ever. Thanks to a groundswell of member’s support and the backing of labor leaders and politicians, Prop 32 (which was heavily financed by anti-labor outside money) was soundly defeated. This year is an election year and it is very important to back those people that care about the working man/woman.

Please give the representatives of DRIVE a few minutes of your time and support when you see them and remember that, through their efforts and yours, we can level the playing field against big money corporate fat cats that will do anything to destroy the American Worker.

(About DRIVE)

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