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BLOOMBERG: Unions Squeeze Companies to Divulge Plans for Tax Windfall

Toyota Workers

The unions’ announcement of their push for corporate disclosure comes four weeks after Teamsters members at a Toyota Motor Corp. parts distribution center in Torrance, California, voted to authorize a strike, rejecting a contract offer they said was far too stingy in light of the company’s recent earnings boost from the tax bill.

“We heard President Trump say that workers would be getting a pay raise with the tax breaks, so when Toyota got a $2.7 billion windfall, we expected to finally be able to catch up with the high cost of living in our communities,” employee Daniel Valenzuela said in a statement released by the union.

The workers, who service Toyota repair shops from southern California to Salt Lake City, voted March 24 to reject a subsequent offer from the company, which they said included raises of 1.2 percent a year. On March 27, the local union’s secretary-treasurer sent a letter to Toyota dealers warning that “the workers are on their way to your dealership in the very near future to handbill your customers with the media present to document the event.”

Those interested in supporting the strike should visit

 Toyota, Share your Tax Breaks – Sign our Petition

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