A Message From Your Secretary-Treasurer

Proposition 32 goes down to defeat

Congratulations to everyone that supported the efforts to defeat this blatant anti-union bill. ” A special thank you goes out to Joint Council 42 President Randy Cammack for the organizational support that he, his staff, and an Army of volunteers provided. Awesome job!”

As you probably noticed, millions of dollars of out-of-state money streamed in to try to buy the passage of this measure. It was only through your efforts that this proposition was exposed for what it really was. Thousands of local volunteers made calls, walked the precincts, talked to their neighbors and friends, wore buttons and shirts, placed yard signs, and basically got the word out in every way possible. There was a sense of unity that was unstoppable. The results were watched by our Brothers and Sisters across the Country. If Proposition 32 had passed, this type of legislation would have been attempted in every state across America by every anti-union source. It just goes to prove that the integrity of Union workers in America is not for sale.

You made it happen. You should be very proud. Thank you.

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