An Open Letter From Teamsters General President James Hoffa



Teamsters President James P. Hoffa makes St. Louis appearance

An Open Letter From Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to bring to your attention the struggle of 26 port drivers who haul containers out of the Port of Los Angeles for the Australian logistics company Toll Group.

On Thursday, October 27, drivers at Toll Group went to work wearing Teamster T-shirts to show their support for forming a union with Teamsters Local 848 in Covina, Calif. That day a delegation of drivers approached Toll management to demand recognition of their union. At the same time, a delegation of more than 200 Teamsters, community residents, environmental activists and labor allies rallied in support of the drivers outside the company’s San Pedro facilities, ready to deliver a petition bearing 1,000 signatures urging justice for these men and women who do the work fundamental to the company’s success at the port.

The company’s response came two days later: 26 of the 70 drivers that worked for the company were let go and handed a final paycheck.

Brothers and sisters, this cannot stand! I am asking for your support as Toll Group drivers demand:

  • Reinstatement of the workers who were severed in retaliation for their union support; and
  • Recognition of Teamsters Local 848 as their union.

We have set up a web-action site where you can send an email to a company executive in support of these workers: visit to do so. And for more information about the campaign at Toll Group, visit the Grim Truth at Toll Group site at

We hope we can call on your support now and in the future as we continue the fight for justice for these workers.

In Solidarity,

Jim Hoffa

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