The Greed of Toyota

The Greed of Toyota

Labor Dispute coming soon against Toyota PDC Torrance

Toyota PDC wants everyone to keep moving accept its employee’s wages. The multi-trillion-dollar foreign car maker does not want to share their huge profits with it employees. 

In the unit’s previous collective bargaining agreement (2015 – 2018) the workers received $1.25 in wages increases, $3400 in bonuses and $0.75 in additional pension contributions in a three (3) year contract. Today Toyota is predicting record profits due to sales of the RAV4 and 2.7-Billion-dollar tax cut from the President’s tax cut for the wealthy. Sorry Mr. Trump it appears Toyota has no plans to share any of the tax cut with it workers.

(Source: Bloomberg)
(Source: Automotive Report)

On February 23, 2018 Toyota’s final offer consists of $0.91 of wages increases, $2,250 in bonuses, increased liability for the workers in healthcare cost and $0.45 into the pension after receiving 2.7-Billion in perinate tax cuts and predicting record sales for their vehicles. The average increase for America this year will be 3.2 percent. Toyota’s offer is less than 1.5%.

The Union is considering filing a charge with the National Labor Relations Board against Toyota for failure to respond to the Union’s Economic proposals. Toyota in its effort to skip to the end failed to respond to 15 of the Union’s Economic proposals that remain open.

Stay tuned. Much more to come on social media and major newspapers.