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AVTA drivers and riders have routinely felt sick during or after riding certain AVTA busses from noxious fumes that some of our busses emit. In some cases, the gasses have sent them to the hospital! One long-time AVTA driver, Yvette Holmes, got so sick that she refused to drive a TOXIC AVTA bus and was removed from service by the AVTA – without notice or opportunity to simply be heard – for demanding her civil right to a safe work environment. Ms. Holmes has filed a civil rights lawsuit to protest the denial of her due process rights and to get her job back.
AVTA Bus Driver Yvette Holmes

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Please call the AVTA at (661) 729-2206 today to tell them that the Antelope Valley has a right to safe transportation AND good jobs, and to stop violating the law!


It turns out that Ms. Holmes isn’t the only one who has filed charges against the AVTA! Our loyal bus drivers are negotiating a new union contract and have filed charges against AVTA’s bus contractor, Transdev, with the National Labor Relations Board. What’s this all about? For the same reasons Ms. Holmes is suing: denial of “due process” (at the bargaining table, in this instance) and for their illegal demandthat the drivers make less than the local minimum wage!

And don’t believe the AVTA when they say that it’s not their fault because the drivers technically work for their contractor, Transdev…  In August 2016, A U.S. Federal Judge ruled that because the AVTA has “extensive controls over Transdev operations,” there are sufficient alleged facts to establish that AVTA and Transdev are “joint employers.”

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